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Stenciled Concrete

Developed more than 10 years ago, stencils offer nearly unlimited options for taking concrete interior floors over the top. Now there are more options than ever for producing attractive yet economical color and texture combinations with concrete stenciling.

Stenciled concrete is very similar to stamped concrete. It uses the same materials such as color hardeners and antiquing release, and the finished product looks about the same. The important difference is that this process utilizes disposable paper stencils to impart the pattern instead of rubber mats.

What are the advantages of Stencil Systems Concrete versus brick, stone, or tile?
Stenciled concrete can be reinforced to serve any structural need or purpose. Stenciled concrete is a more versatile option that offers multi-colored, patterned, and textured designs to compliment the existing structure. It is a lower cost, lower maintenance product. As concrete is the base, weeds and undulation will not occur.