:: About Us

Since it's inception in 2005 Construction & Architectural Resurfacing has followed a road to succession.

Research and training in the latest and most innovative forms of redecorating a host of surfaces is a continuing project as new methods and technological advances are being developed.

The products we use are specifically designed for a variety of surfaces to give to a customer what ever they may need be it Decorative concrete, Uro Systems ¯ a one-of-a-kind handcrafted resurfacing method, stenciled concrete, textured concrete and a host of other products for interior or exterior needs. We aim to satisfy all our customers.

We provide free estimations and are able to accommodate the immediate needs of customers by facilitating local, regional and international installations for any of your surfaces.

We at Construction & Architectural Resurfacing are devoted to perfecting our skills and take much pride in our craftsmanship. Our mission is to bring affordable resurfacing solutions to everyone and to back up our products with friendly and efficient service and support.

We appreciate your business and look forward to assist you in all your resurfacing and construction and resurfacing needs.